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Simultaneous interpretation equipment

With the help of simultaneous interpretation equipment, interpretation is performed in parallel with a speaker’s report, with a delay of few seconds. The speaker does not need to pause so that the interpreter could interpret his/her speech in fragments. Simultaneous interpreters work wearing headphones, sitting in a booth, in which the sound isolation is maintained. As a result, the interpreter’s voice does neither overlap the speaker’s voice, nor hinder the audience from hearing. The audience can hear the interpretation through a special receiver, to which headphones are connected. Simultaneous interpretation is necessary, if more than two working languages are used during an event. In addition, simultaneous interpretation is the indicator of a higher status of an event.


Simultaneous interpretation systems are generally based on the separation of languages ​​into channels. In particular, they enable different participants of the event to hear any given speech in different languages ​​at the same time. Recipients of simultaneous interpretation are equipped with channel selectors; the participants can choose the language acceptable to them and hear all speeches on the same channel.

System Composition:

  • Basic control panel;
  • Interpreter’s control panel, with a microphone and headphones;
  • Interpreter’s booth;
  • Infrared converter (radiator);
  • Receiver of simultaneous interpretation with earphones in set
  • Delegate’s microphone

Ordering the equipment:

A client, who faces a task to choose a supplier, provider of simultaneous interpretation equipment, or make a complex decision regarding the simultaneous interpretation equipment, should know:

  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment must be professional. There are not too many suppliers of professional equipment for simultaneous interpretation worldwide.
  • Simultaneous interpretation equipment always works in combination with voice reproduction devices. Signals enter the system through a mixer. That’s why it is necessary to order voice reproduction and simultaneous interpretation devices from the same supplier.
  • Choose simultaneous interpreters based on recommendations, just as you would choose a doctor or lawyer. Highly qualified specialists are unneedful of advertising!
  • When ordering simultaneous interpretation equipment, it is best to consult a simultaneous interpreter, provided you have already chosen one; take account of his/her opinion because he/she will have to work with this equipment.

What should be

The cost of high quality professional equipment, whether it be for the smallest hall, may amount to thousands of euros. Moreover, the equipment has its working lifespan; it requires constant renewal. Apart from investing, there are operating costs too. A company that respects both its clients and itself, would not cut its costs at the expense of consumables, equipment renewal, and most importantly, at the expense of quality service – technical staff. All of the above guarantees high quality execution of events and client’s satisfaction.

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The GONSIN Company was established in 2003, and it is the leading manufacturer of conference digital systems. The GONSIN Company holds ISO 9001:2008, CE, FCC and CCC certificates in the quality management system and quality of products manufactured by it. Leading European and American organizations are equipped with its equipment.